Self-Help Library

Teresa Ann Foxworthy has created a Self-Help Library to help you on your journey! She has research lifestyles for over 30 years and now offers you insights into your BEST LIFE EVER! Take the time to invest in yourself. There are many upsets in life which are entirely predictable. With the right information, you are on your way to empowering yourself. self empowerment is crucial for a fulfilling life. Become the authority of your own life and watch your experience evolve before your very eyes. Be the Love. Bliss is your birthright. Choose wisely. Learn as much as you can, and then enjoy your Life! Happier people learn more quickly, retain information better, are more cooperative, with resolve issues in their lives more effectively.


Author: Teresa Ann Foxworthy

My life is dedicated to inspiring others to live more fulfilling lives. I do this through enlightening entertainment, music, film, poetry, photography, prose, as well as educational programs for individuals and groups, both online and off.

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