Creative Catalyst ~ Life Coach & Advisor for Wealth, Health & Relationships ~

Today’s Global Village requires leading-edge innovation, in every industry or field of endeavor. You, your family, colleagues, and associates, all are looking for “soulutions”. Learn how to implement the solutions for your To Do list.

For 20+ years, I’ve been helping senior executives as an advisor for their health, wealth, & happiness. This has taken the form of:

Creative Projects: mobile app development, songwriting, voice work, screenwriting, filmmaking; 

Relationship Success: Coaching for singles & couples, conflict resolution, relationship building, dating advice, couples work;

Lifestyle Consulting: Eco Luxury, Soul Space, Feng Shui, interior decorating, image development & Ecstatic Lifestyles;

Personal Rejuvenation: retreat facilitation, spiritual counseling, meditation instruction, chakras, & wellness plans, & personal mythology;

Business Consulting: sales, social media marketing, executive development, multi-cultural studies, think tanks, round tables, leadership, eco my business, and entrepreneur training.


What are your goals?

Schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities…

Weekly sessions make all the difference. 



“You changed my Life.” PS, Sr. Exec, Credit-Suisse, Zurich

“​In a day, I got my game back.”​ AL, XDeep, London, UK

“I’m married! I couldn’t have done it without you.”​ SH, Psychiatrist, Napa

“Happily married with children. Thank you.”​ JN, Smith Barney, NYC

“You’re my guru.” – RS, Physician, Washington, DC

“We just met you & you understand everything.” – GR, Architect, SF

“You’re the best therapist I’ve ever met.” – MZ, Psychologist, San Diego, CA

“No dates for 6 months; after one session, I had 3 in 1 week.” – MT, PhD., Palo Alto, CA

“You are fascinating! This Female-Led Relationship course saved my marriage!” Tim, Philadelphia

“​In 1 weekend, you did what 8 psychiatrists failed to do in 8 years! Men need this work!”​

WS, VP Marketing, HP, Palo Alto


Teresa Ann Foxworthy, Executive Life Coach

Fortune 100 Clients: AT&T, Credit-Suisse, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Marriott, Silicon Graphics, Smith Barney, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Wells Fargo, L’Oreal, Warner Bros., Dyson, Xerox, et al.


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