Teresa began her career as a Life Coach after being bedridden from a work-related injury. She has authored over 200 Personal, Professional, Community, & Organizational Development programs, based on what she discovered that she needed to heal herself & re-boot her career. Now she offer Life Coaching to junior & senior executives who are seeking more personal fulfillment in their lives, as well as demostrating greater leadership in their professional lives.

Axis Magna Group is her parent company, which holds various subsidiaries for different industries: Relationship Goals, Enlightening Entertainment, Business Strategies, Wellness & Well-Being, Lifestyle & Design, Entrepreneurial Projects, & Non-Profit Endeavors.

Way back in the 1960s, a revolution began which has since disrupted many a status quo. Today we are still navigating its rippling effects in our lives & relationships. Whether we struggle with health, wealth, or happiness, we are here to consciously co-create new realities of cooperative communities of people who share common goals & values.

Today, you have an unprecedented opportunity to express at your highest potential of human development. Everyday you have the choices which render a life stupendous. Today, you can choose, one decision at a time, to make or break your resolve to live your best life ever!

Teresa provide coaching by phone, and other resources for your personal evolution. Browse through her accolades and topics to select which program is right for you.

When you’re ready, request coaching HERE.


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